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Individual therapy: I pride myself on offering highly personalized therapy that goes beyond the surface, helping you delve deep into your inner world and make lasting changes. A Relational Psychoanalytic approach is an evidenced-based, insight-oriented form of therapy rooted in the transformative power of the relational experience during the psychotherapy process that is the primary agent of change. Sessions are available via in-person or telehealth. There is strong empirical support that consistency is associated with long-term positive outcomes. Additionally, frequency of therapy promotes a safe, structured, and predictable environment. During therapy, we will not only focus on the content of material that you bring but more importantly the process of emotional experience and interpersonal dynamics that are happening between us in the here-and-now.

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I provide comprehensive, individualized assessments for Autism and ADHD grounded in the belief that these neurodevelopmental concerns form integral aspects of an individual's identity. I am not simply here to provide you with a "diagnosis" but to honor your unique neurotype experiences by tailoring the assessment process to suit your needs. Taking a strengths-based and neuro-affirming perspective, the assessment process I provide is highly individualized to meet your purpose for seeking an evaluation. I have advanced training in late-identified/diagnosed Autism, especially among BIPOC, assigned female at birth (AFAB), transgender, and gender non-conforming folx. My practice stands firmly on the recognition and respect of neurodivergent identities in the journey towards well-being.





I provide case consultation and clinical supervision to mental health professionals. My approach: Our patients recreate challenging relational patterns with us in therapy. Our unavoidable participation into these patterns provides a crucial window into the their inner world. Because consultation is most helpful when therapists speak openly & freely, I work to foster the mutual trust necessary. I strive to provide a frame that facilitates exploration of transference, countertransference, enactments, & parallel process.

Char Houben, PhD
Licensed psychologist

Relational Psychotherapy & Neuropsychological Assessment

983 Spaulding Avenue SE
Ada, MI 49301


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