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relational Psychoanalytic psychotherapy &
assessment for
Adhd & Autism

Dr. Char Houben, PhD

Dr. Houben will help you explore deeper issues, increase awareness, work through barriers, and move toward Transformational


Get to Know Us

As relational beings, we are instinctively wired for connection. It is within the context of relationship that we discover our potential for transformative change. I view therapy as a collaborative process of uncovering this potential by cultivating a deep, trusting relationship that becomes the vehicle for self-exploration and change.


As a Neurodivergent licensed psychologist, I approach my work with a genuine sense of humility to create a space that is inclusive and affirming to all. I also feel that it is imperative to provide therapy that goes beyond merely treating symptoms. This is why I take a depth-oriented approach in order for us to discover the root causes of suffering, work through barriers, and move toward meaningful, long-lasting life changes.


Drawing on a strengths-based approach, I customize my sessions to align with the uniqueness of each client. I believe in the importance of honoring the developmental, biological, sociocultural, and interpersonal parts of yourself to assist in the healing process. Using this comprehensive approach to treatment, I recognize that true well-being encompasses the integration of mental, emotional, and physical aspects of health.

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services to 39+ states

Dr. Houben practices under the PSYPACT credential, which allows her to provide telehealth services to the majority of the US states. For more information and to learn if the state you live in is compatible, please click the link below or reach out through the contact page.  

Dr. Houben is Committed to providing timely, respectful, collaborative & Neuroaffirming adult assessments where strengths are emphasized and passions & differences are celebrated.

Being emotionally attuned, Dr. Houben is sensitive to the nuances in the therapeutic relationship so that safety is balanced with exploration. And when such safety is established, greater emotional freedom and creative problem solving blossoms.

Richard Raubolt, PhD, ABPP

It is a Joy to be hidden 
and a disaster not to be found

D.W. Winnicott

Char Houben, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

Relational Psychotherapy & Neuropsychological Assessment

983 Spaulding Avenue SE
Ada, MI 49301



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